School Photo Packages:
Brown Studios is available to all levels of school photography from preschools to Universities. We take the photographs in cap and gown, plain clothing, or formal attire. Following the initial shoot, you will receive a set of proofs from which they can purchase a package that suits their preferences as well as choose the yearbook portrait.

Below packages from one pose only

Retouching ($15 on package)
Facial Blemishes Can will be removed.
If you wish a birthmark or scar left in place, just indicate on the proof.
[No Corrections are made on Hair, Teeth or Clothing.]

*The 16X20 and larger sizes are mounted on hardboard at no extra charge.

*important note about your order: Your finished photographs will take 10-12 weeks from the time you placed your order. 11X14 orders add 2 weeks. Quality takes time!!

Resit policy: If a resit is necessary, there is a $10.00 charge payable at the time of the resit. If you choose your resit photo for the yearbook we will make every effort to make the publisher deadline and include your choice. However, we cannot guarantee that the resit poses will go into the yearbook. If possible, please choose from the first set.
SAVE $3.00

(1) - 8 x 10
(9) - Wallets

SAVE $15.35

(1) - 8 x 10
(4) - 5 x 7
(9) - Wallets

SAVE $17.85

(1) - 8 x 10
(6) - 5 x 7
(18) -Wallets

SAVE $47.00

(1) - 11 x 14
(2)- 8 x 10
(4) - 5 x 7
(18) - Wallets


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